Ukrainian refugees attend summer camp in Wheatley Heights on full scholarships

The Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts in Wheatley Heights is giving 12 Ukrainian refugees the opportunity to enjoy all the activities that the camp has to offer.
It is something the children from Ukraine are experiencing for the first time ever.
“This camp is really fun, and I like it, and I'm really happy I go to this camp,” says 9-year-old Vadym Verkholyek.
The camp has given them the opportunity to have fun and not think about the conflict in their home country.
Kristina Stelmashchuk, 13, says she’s trying to put all the nightmares of escaping to a bomb shelter behind her. Kristina, Vadym and the other children have improved their English skills greatly since entering the camp.
"We've only seen warmth for our Ukrainian friends who have come to Usdan. And some of the students are in studios that have no other Ukrainian students, that's the sign to me also that they are really being welcomed and included in the experience,” says camp executive director Lauren Brandt-Schloss.
The money to help pay for the kids to attend the camp program is funded by UJA- Federation and donations.