Urban farm located in the South BX seeks to provide quality, affordable food

A group of women from the South Bronx are trying to improve poor eating habits in the borough.
La Finca Del Sur, which translates to "Farm of the South," is located between the Major Deegan and 138th Street. The founders of this urban farm say that being there is nothing like being in any of the five boroughs.
"We are really proud of the fact that people come and spend half an hour here and say they forget they're in the city," said Nancy Ortiz-Surun, a farmer and founder of La Finca Del Sur.
The farmers feel they have a right to decide where their community's food comes from so they took it upon themselves to foster fresh, unprocessed produce that is free of pesticides.
"A lot of us are very disconnected from ourselves, our body and the land, and I'm interested in getting reconnected and remembering my true self," said Regina Ginyard, another founder of the urban farm.
The farmers and founders of La Finca Del Sur say they also take pride in the diversity of their workers. They say most people think of a farm as being run by white men, but people of color and women are often growing the food on their farm.
The farm sends swizz-chard, collard greens, rosemary and thyme over to the South Bronx for sale.