US expected to extend COVID-19 public health emergency

The Biden administration is expected to extend the COVID public health emergency.
A record amount of 5 million COLVID-19 booster shots were administered last week.
The newest updated booster released in September has been slow to catch on.  The Biden administration is encouraging residents to get the updated booster ahead of the holiday travel season.
This comes as the White House faces a deadline whether or not to lift the COVID public health emergency that has been in place since January 2020.
The current health emergency expires Jan 11., but state officials require a 60 day notice before ending the emergency.
Since no notice has been given so far, it is a signal from the White House that it will be extended.
If it were to end, some Americans could be forced to pay for the shot.
The U.S. has spent trillions of dollars during the pandemic developing vaccines, treatments and providing free testing, but the funds are running out.
The Biden administration has requested more COVID-19 funding to replenish its supplies of tests and treatments.