Vacant property in Crotona Park turns into dumping ground

A homeowner in Crotona Park wants something done about a nearby property that's become an illegal dumping ground.
The zombie property on East 167th Street has been vacant for years with violators dumping there, and in the process attracting vermin.
Dondi McKellar can see the property from his bedroom as it lies behind his garage. After some investigating, he found out that the three-story home-turned-dumping ground belonged to Morris Cheney, who passed away in 1984.
McKeller reached out to multiple city agencies who told him they couldn't do anything because it's private property.
News 12 reached out to city agencies, and the same day sanitation workers arrived to check out the property.
The office of the Bronx borough president also made a statement saying in part: "We will continue to work with Community Board 2 and the relevant agencies to find a solution to this problem."