Vets recommend using sedatives to calm pets that are afraid of Fourth of July fireworks

The noise from fireworks may have already started in some Connecticut neighborhoods ahead of the Fourth of July weekend, causing some extra stress for pet owners.
Experts at VCA Animal Hospitals say around a third of dogs show severe aversion to loud noises like firecrackers.
Dr. Sarah Schiff says firework noise is a common pet owner complaint in the dog days of summer.
"Owners will call and ask for sedation, which in my mind is an excellent thing to do, but we need to be proactive about it,” Schiff says.
She says if you think sedative medication is right for your dog, you'll want to have it in hand before the Fourth of July weekend.
"As you can imagine, on most holidays regular vets are not open, and so the emergency services are inundated,” says Schiff.
Vets say dogs will often do whatever they can to escape the noise, and it's best to keep them inside until it's all over.
"Unfortunately, we see a lot of dogs run away and go missing, we see a lot of dogs hit by cars secondary to this noise," Schiff says.
That also means for larger municipal firework displays, it's best to leave your pet where it's safe and quiet.