Viral video shows woman wearing face mask being attacked at Chinatown subway station

City officials came together Thursday to educate the public on the current state of the novel coronavirus and to denounce possible hate crimes.
Local health experts and elected officials say there is zero-tolerance for discrimination after a video that shows a woman wearing a face mask being attacked in a Chinatown subway station went viral.
Councilman Mark Treyger also addressed and spoke out against racial slurs that he says are being made toward students in school due to the virus.
"That is wrong and that is unacceptable. No student, no staff member in our schools should be subjected to any form of bigotry, discrimination, or bullying because of who they are," said Treyger.
According to the Department of Health, two novel coronavirus cases have come back negative, while the results of three other cases are still pending.
"We will condemn and we will call out any acts of hate against the Asian-American community. We will call out and condemn bullying of any kind against our neighbors and against our friends," said Treyger.
A Bensonhurst resident tells News 12 he's scared to wear a mask outside of his house after seeing the viral video, fearing that he could potentially be attacked.
Officials are advising the public to attend events and outings without fear, while also informing them of ways to prevent spreading the illness.
The incident was not reported to the NYPD, but police are urging all possible victims of hate crimes to make a police report.