Vote 2021: Is a ‘red wave’ coming? Republicans hopeful that trouble in DC and Albany will bring positive election results

With Election Day just a few weeks away, some are wondering if there will be a “red wave” on Long Island due to former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation and President Joe Biden’s relatively low approval rating.
State and Nassau County Democratic Party Chair Jay Jacobs says he thinks voters are more focused on what’s happening locally, including in the county executive race in Nassau County.
“I think what’s on voters’ minds is whether or not Democrats in Nassau County have done a good job or a bad job,” Jacobs says. “Yes, the political environment does have an impact. At this moment in time, with the polling that we’re doing, we’re not feeling it going against Democrats.”
Republicans, however, say that the Democratic-led bail reform package passed in Albany will be a factor in the district attorney races taking place in both Nassau and Suffolk.
Suffolk County Republican Chairman Jesse Garcia says cashless bail is a revolving door, meaning people can commit a crime one hour and be out on bail in 90 minutes.
“These policies that the liberal Democrats have enacted in Washington D.C. and in Albany are now demonstrating to the voters about the mistakes they made,” Garcia says.
Political consultant Mike Dawidziak predicts that most independent voters will be voting Republican because they don’t see the Democrats in Washington delivering and don’t like what they see in Albany in terms of bail reform and talks about defunding the police.
This year’s elections are expected to be dramatically lower than the 2020 presidential election.
Both parties are hoping their faithful voters will show up.