Walgreens begins vaccinating children ages 5-11 against COVID-19

Walgreens began to vaccinate children ages 5-11 against COVID-19 on Saturday.
The Centers Disease Control and Prevention’s advisory committee unanimously recommended the Pfizer vaccine for children in that age group.
The Pfizer vaccine is currently the only COVID-19 shot approved for children. The dosage is a lot smaller than the adult shot.
Experts say that while children are less likely to get seriously sick from COVID-19, they are still at risk.
New York City reported that children between the ages 5-11 are becoming infected at a higher rate than any other age group. These numbers peaked around the time school started.
Walgreens has an appointment portal online for parents to sign up their children.
The Department of Health says parents can also take their kids to one of the city's walk-in vaccination sites.