Tuesday sees more warm temperatures post-arctic blast

 Warm temperatures took over the Bronx Tuesday after an arctic blast hit the borough last week.
News 12 meteorologists say Tuesday saw mostly sunny skies with temperatures around 59 degrees.
Many were spotted leaving their bulky coats behind. People with strollers, bicycles and skates were out and about at local parks.
News 12 Reporter Justine Miller visited the New York Botanical Garden. Curator Adam Dooling says extreme lows followed by unseasonably warm temperatures can wake the plants before they are ready, an event that could negatively affect their growth in the spring.
 Dooling says that the best way to help plants survive the extreme temperatures is to bring them indoors and protect them from the elements.
The warm temperatures aren’t expected to stay much longer.
News 12 reported of high winds, single-digit temperatures and snow last week.
Wednesday will see temperatures in the low-40s.