'We don't feel safe.' Tenants complain of no heat or working elevator at Highbridge apartment building

Residents at a Highbridge apartment building say they are fed up with the living conditions and now a non-working elevator.
Resident Roger Harris says he has been living at 1314 Nelson Ave. for the last 15 years. Harris says the building has been without heat since October, and the elevator has not been working for the last six days.
"I'm blind, and I had a massive heart attack. There are people in this building who have COPD and other things like that. It's not fair to them, it's not fair to none of us. Little kids have to walk in the stairwell, you're not even safe. We don't feel safe walking up and down the steps in these stairways," said Harris.
Harris says he doesn't have a home attendant, which makes daily routines a bit harder. He says he is prepared to stop paying rent if something isn't done.