'We don't want this.' Residents raise concerns over proposed Bellmore apartment building

Residents became frustrated Wednesday at a meeting over a proposal to build a new apartment building in Bellmore.
The discussion was meant to be an opportunity for the developer and the community to talk about their concerns over the proposed site.
Neighbors say they are concerned the building will lead to more traffic and cause more people to park on the street.
"We don't want this," one person at the meeting said. "Nobody in Bellmore wants this."
The proposal would bring a 27-unit building with retail on the first floor at the corner of Bedford and Grand Avenues, at the site of a former Citi Bank.
The location is a few blocks away from the train station, which the builder says is well-suited for young professionals and empty nesters who could spend money at nearby shops and restaurants.
"This is a very walkable downtown area," says William Bonesso, attorney for the developer. "It's a wonderful area that really plays very well to a development like this."
Marge Congello with the Central Bellmore Homeowners Association says a large building does not belong in the village.
"There are no four-story apartment buildings here, this is Long Island, it typically is single-family homes," Congello says. "And this building will be right across the street from many single-family homes and will block their view. So it won't fit in the community."
The builder needs several variances from the town over the height of the building and parking.