‘We expect a large, wonderful celebration.’ Mayor set to make NYC New Year's announcement Tuesday

New Year’s Eve is just over a month and a half away and a question on many people's minds is will the world-famous Times Square festivities be back in full swing after last year’s digital celebration? 
There is still not a definite answer on what it will look like this year, but New Yorkers are still excited for things to be back to normal. 
Mayor Bill de Blasio says good news is coming. “We expect a large, wonderful celebration. We're going to have some clear, smart rules to keep everyone safe. And again, a little patience – by tomorrow, we'll unveil all the specifics,” said de Blasio. 
Until that announcement is made, there is no confirmation on whether or not we can expect pre-pandemic crowds or if there will be a limit on how many people will be allowed in Times Square for the big night. 
There is also no word about the possible need to show proof of vaccination or testing requirements. 
The Times Square Alliance is also staying tight-lipped but said it was excited about Tuesday’s big announcement.