WEATHER TO WATCH: Tracking storms for Thursday; weekend heats up

New Jersey will see summer-like temperatures this weekend with temperatures potentially reaching into the 90s.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Justin Godynick says that before this happens, New Jersey will have to deal with some potentially heavy rain.
Wednesday’s overnight hours will see clouds forming, with rain showers developing after midnight. Overnight lows will cool into the low-50s.
The rain will continue into Thursday morning and may be heavy at times for the morning commute. Godynick says that the heavy rain should end by the morning, followed by sunshine in the afternoon. He also says there is the possibility of another pop-up thunderstorm later in the afternoon. Daytime highs will be in the mid-70s, with overnight lows dipping into the mid-50s.
Friday will see a mix of sun and clouds, with temperatures warming into the low-80s. Overnight lows are expected to cool into the upper-50s.
Saturday is expected to be hazy, hot and humid, with daytime highs rising into the low-90s. Godynick says that it could feel as if temperatures were in the mid-90s – especially inland. There will be cooler temperatures at the Jersey Shore.
Sunday may see cloudy skies with the potential for severe storms late in the day. Daytime highs are once again expected to reach the 90s.