Westbury woman rallies effort to get the COVID-19 vaccine to the elderly

A Westbury woman is helping hundreds of seniors get vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine and she's doing it all during her spare time.
Noreen Mormando says she has been helping out the seniors in her community to help book appointments.
She explains that her mother does not have an email address or a cell phone to receive texts, so there was no way for her to sign up for the vaccine other than Mormando herself signing up for her.
She realized that it would be difficult for most seniors to sign up for vaccine appointments, so she began to reach out to friends of hers who have elderly parents.
Suddenly, her effort to vaccinate the elderly grew into a big operation.
So far, Mormando says she is close to have booked 1,000 seniors.
She says residents from the Brentwood and Central Islip have been reached out to help with the effort.
Mormando says she typically volunteers for many different activities and helping seniors get vaccinated was just another way she felt she could give back to the community.
Mormando says she's eager for the world get back to normal and getting more people vaccinated is a way to reach that goal.