What New Jersey's sale of recreational marijuana legalization means for NY

Starting today, the sale of recreational marijuana is now legal in New Jersey, but what does that mean for those in New York?
If state and city leaders are right, medical marijuana dispensaries in New York may be able to sell recreational cannabis to New Yorkers. The state has been slowly but surely rolling out recreational marijuana.
The possession and consumption of the drug has been legal recreationally since March of last year, but some state leaders are saying legalized sales could be starting the summer of 2023.
Just last week, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced that the state cannabis control board approved 52 adult-use cannabis farmer licenses across the state. Mayor Eric Adams has raised the idea of turning the rooftops of NYCHA buildings into cannabis greenhouses. Although, he says it’ll require a workaround with the federal government.
Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level including in federally funded housing. For now, in New York, consumers can still have up to three ounces or less of marijuana on them and can smoke almost anywhere that cigarette smoking is allowed. Pretty soon, it’ll be legal for a person to have up to five pounds of marijuana in their home.