White House budget proposal includes 9/11 health program reorganization

There's a fight this morning to keep a program in place that cares for thousands of 9/11 first responders.
The agency that oversees the program, the Centers for Disease Control, will undergo extensive reorganization under the new budget proposal put out by the White House
But some lawmakers and advocates say the change would cause serious disruptions for those getting lifesaving medication and surgeries. "There are 83,000 people around the United States that were affected by 9/11 that are in the World Trade Center Health Program. You're not messing with one or two or 10 people. You're messing with 83,000 people. That is not making America great again," says first responder advocate John Feal.
Feal adds that the proposal directly contradicts legislation passed by Congress in the past that renewed the World Trade Center Health Program for 75 years.