Team Combat League, self-defense experts give tips ahead of Elimination of Violence Against Women Day

Professional fighters are sharing their best self-defense tips alongside the Team Combat League ahead of the International Day For Elimination Of Violence Against Women on Nov. 25.
The day aims to raise awareness and encourage an increase in resources to combat the issue.
Coach Benny Roman of the GreenFitness Studio on Varet Street in Williamsburg says learning how to fight has several benefits.
"It instills self-motivation and self-confidence. It helps them get in shape," Coach Roman said.
Melissa St-Vil and Trudy Li are two Brooklyn-based professional fighters. They, along with Coach Roman, demonstrated quick self-defense moves that can save lives when seconds matter most.
"You want to know how to be able to defend yourself because that little quick second counts," St-Vil said.
Along with learning how to fight, Li says women can learn other valuable skills.
"It's not even about the fighting skill. It's about the confidence and feeling strong," said Li.
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