Wintry weather, COVID causes travel trouble on the road and in the air

Traveling on both the ground and the sky is getting trickier for travelers.
Airlines continue to cancel flights due to an increase in pilots and staff calling out sick due to COVID-19.
Those who did make it to their destination felt lucky to get there.
"A lot of people were warning me about cancellations and the long waits," says East Hampton resident Teresa Eldi. "It's definitely a relief to get to your final destination."
Monday's snowstorm in the Mid-Atlantic also left hundreds of cars stranded in Virginia on the I-95.
Northport resident MaryAnn Lertora says the situation was "terrible."
"The roads were icy," Lertora says. "You can see the black ice on the road."
Lertora says they then got stuck on a packed Amtrak that ran out of food.
The interstate has been cleared and people are back on their way home.
Airlines are reminding travelers to continue checking on the status of their flights.