Woman 'shaken' after vehicle slams into her car, speeds off in Brooklyn

A woman is claiming she was left shaken after a speeding car slammed into the very spot she was standing on right before speeding off.

News 12 Staff

Jan 21, 2021, 4:44 AM

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A woman is claiming she was left shaken after a speeding car slammed into the very spot she was standing on right before speeding off. 
Jessica Foti tells News 12 she was unloading her car Monday morning and that she had stepped to the side for just a moment.
“I heard a screeching sound,” said Foti. 
That’s when she says a speeding driver crashed into the back of her car.
"Those would have been my ribs where he had crashed it would have cut me in half,” said Foti. 
Foti says shattered bits of her taillights still litter the streets on Nostrand Avenue near Willoughby Avenue. 
"Every noise I hear, I am like a hawk. I am scared right now,” said Foti. 
Foti says she started running after the incident to try to get a glimpse of the license plate, but the car sped off--running red lights as well. 
"It was a Ford Explorer 2001; it was gold and had green on it. Almost looked like it was in an accident before and maybe they used a different part,” said Foti. 
Surveillance video from a business down the street showed the vehicle Foti says she saw, zipping down the street at a high speed. 
She tells News 12 she believes the driver was under the influence because the car was swerving between the lanes and almost crashed into several other cars along the way.
"This is not the type of impact you would see on a city street that is a 25 mile per hour zone,” said Foti. 
Police say this incident is under investigation.

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