Women's History Month: Bronx woman continues working at her passion as YMCA executive director

A Bronx woman and executive director at the YMCA says her passion is to keep the community thriving, not just surviving -- something she's been doing it for 10 years.
Sharlene Brown has been the leader at the YMCA in Castle Hill and she says it's having her passion and career all in one.
"Some people call me soft at heart, some people even call me jelly belly, but that's okay because I want the best for all people," said Brown.
She says defining moments let her know that she chose the right career. From getting fit, to after-school programs, overseeing senior centers and simply giving the people of the Bronx a place to socialize, Brown wants those who enter the YMCA to feel fulfilled by the time they leave.
"There's no place I'd rather be," said Brown.