Women’s homeless shelter to open in Eastchester in 2021

A new homeless shelter is coming to Eastchester and is set to open in 2021.

News 12 Staff

Nov 26, 2019, 3:12 AM

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A new homeless shelter is coming to Eastchester and is set to open in 2021.
A flyer was found on homes in the Baychester area on Friday notifying residents that a shelter was coming to 3240 Grace Ave.
Community Board 12 District Manager, George Torres, said representatives from the Department of Homeless Services told him that a men’s homeless shelter would be moving in.
“I was shocked actually because this was an ongoing conversation that we had had with DHS and they never notified us that this was going to be a location, so we reached out and this afternoon I got confirmation that it is indeed going to be a men's homeless shelter,” said Torres.

Torres said in the same conversation DHS officials also told him there were plans for another shelter about a mile away in Eastchester.

“And I think the most shocking part of that conversation is that not only is community board 12 getting this shelter, we're getting another shelter, a 200-bed women's shelter on East 233rd street,” said Torres.
Neighbors in Baychester told News 12 they hope the proposal for the project does not move forward.
DHS initially gave News 12 details on both facilities, the same information that Torres was told.
However, hours later DHS said they could only confirm that the women’s shelter at 1591 East 233 St. was set to open in mid-2021.
They said that “no final determination” had been made about the Grace Avenue location.

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