Woodlawn building construction angers residents

Residents of Woodlawn are demanding accountability from developers of two properties that have received numerous violations and fines.
The two properties, both located on East 236th Street, have more than two dozen open violations totaling close to $100,000, according to the Department of Buildings.
The building located at 524 East 236th St. currently has a partial stop order. The building is supposed to be an eight-story, 25-family luxury apartment building.
Neighbors told News 12 that the building has been under construction for too long.
"You're expected to follow the rules and you hope and expect that others will and apparently that's not really happening here," says Jeremey Skehan, of Webster Avenue Taxpayers.
The fines on that particular building are as high as $12,000, including electrical, engineering and safety violations. 
News 12 attempted multiple times to reach the developer but was forwarded to their answering machine each time.
Now lawmakers are vowing accountability.
"We're going to make sure that whoever tries to develop, that they comply with every letter of the law, every rule," says Bronx Councilman Andrew Cohen.
Lawmakers are also looking for the City Planning Commission to change zoning regulations in hopes of having it approved by the council by early February.