Young chess players test their skills at Success Academy finale tournament

Over 200 children from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens put their skills to the test at Success Academy’s finale chess tournament.
The tournament is the last in the club's season before state and national championships.
“This is the highlight of our scholars and our coaches right now because they get a chance to compete on a higher level,” said Success Academy’s chess program manager, Matthew Morales.
The chess club is part of the larger chess program at Success Academy, which includes over 8,000 students across almost 50 schools.
“Our program is across K-12. We teach chess from the basics, from the board, how the pieces move in kindergarten, all the way to the highest levels in high school,” said Morales.
Sixth-grade student Kyla McRoy aspires to be a chess grandmaster.
“I like chess because it helps me think and it involves strategy,” she said.
Chrystal Phipps is one of over 30 chess coaches across the school's network. She hopes to inspire more young girls like McRoy to play the game.
“This is teaching you how to survive in the real world. You're going to have to make decisions every day and you're going to have to live with those consequences, whether they be good or bad,” she said.
At the end of the tournament, players who qualify will get a chance to compete in post-season events at the state and national levels.