Zeldin calls congestion pricing plan 'a scam' during Rockland County visit

Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin made a stop in Rockland County Tuesday to call for a halt on the transit congestion pricing plan.
Congestion pricing would charge drivers going into parts of Manhattan anywhere from $9 to $23, depending on the time of day. It could start as soon as next year.
“What we're being sold on this congestion pricing plan is a scam. You want more people riding public transportation? Improve the service,” Zeldin said during his stop in Nanuet.
Recent polls show Zeldin trailing Gov. Kathy Hochul in the race by a few points to double digits.
“We're just about to start TV ads and our other outreach efforts. We're feeling really good about where we are, and we're going to close strong,” Zeldin says.
Hochul's campaign told News 12 she looks forward to debating Zeldin this fall to talk about the issues.
Congestion pricing is also one of the top issues for other Republicans in the upcoming election.
News 12 reached out to the MTA for comment.