10 suspected Trinitarios gang members in custody after major NYPD raid

Suspected Trinitarios gang members are expected in court today after a 10-month investigation leads to a major gang bust.
Police say 10 suspected gang members, of the same criminal enterprise prosecutors say murdered Bronx teen Lesandro “Junior” Guzman Feliz, are in custody.
They say they’re responsible for machete and knife attacks across the borough. 
Investigators raided 10 locations in the city Wednesday after cops raided 10 locations in the city, including one in Soundview.
The violent street gang is said to have been operating in the Bronx and Manhattan.  Those arrested Wednesday were charged with conspiracy, attempted murder and gang assault. 
Meanwhile, police are still searching for five more suspects in the case, who they say are on the loose.
These men still wanted are 19-year-old Raimy Carrasco, 23-year-old Jery Peguero, 25-year-old Oliver Fernandez, 20-year-old Christopher Acosta and 23-year-old Jorge Marques-Neto.
Police say they’re wanted in an ongoing gang conspiracy investigation.
News 12 is told the suspects are part of the “Los Sures,” the same vicious gang believed to be responsible for the tragic murder of Junior Guzman Feliz. Police say there is a “crossover” between two of the defendants in the Junior case and this new investigation. 
The suspects in custody are expected to appear in court today.
As for the Junior case, five men convicted of his murder are scheduled to be sentenced Friday in Bronx Supreme Court.