12 Minutes with underwater explorer Dan Lieb

Back in 2010, News 12 New Jersey had a half-hour special on the discovery of a forgotten shipwreck off the Jersey Shore and the quest to identify it.
Neptune resident Dan Lieb was on a mission to learn more about the wreck. He and his dive team brought up iron ingots from the bottom and matched them to the cargo of a ship called the John K. Shaw, thereby giving a previously unknown wreck its correct history.
The Shaw sank off Manasquan in 1884. It was a fascinating quest to solve a maritime mystery.
Lieb continues to play the role of undersea detective as he heads up the New Jersey Historical Divers Association while also running the New Jersey Shipwreck Museum at Camp Evans in Wall Township.
For anyone who has questions about what is out in the waters off the Jersey Shore, Lieb has the answers.
This is "12 Minutes with Dan Lieb."