2 Brooklyn men suing Manhattan restaurant, claim racial discrimination

Two men in Brooklyn are suing a restaurant in Manhattan, saying they were racially discriminated against by not being allowed inside because of the color of their skin.
Joshua Smith and Cameron Niles tell News 12 that they were denied entry to Pergola back in January after they were told they were dressed ‘too casually’ by a bouncer.
"We've came here before dressed similarly,” Smith said. “There's people leaving dressed in sweatpants and I’m like, this is kind of crazy."
Smith and Niles said they asked to see the manager, and again they were told they couldn't come in.
"I get into an exchange with the bouncer, and he says, ‘You know, he doesn't let your kind of Black people in here,'” added Smith.
"I mean it was embarrassing,” added Niles. “It was disheartening. It was frustrating more than anything."
In their complaint, there are pictures Pergola posted on social media of white customers in T-shirts. Online reviews from others showed that they experienced similar treatment at the door.
"We feel very confident that Pergola's behavior is legally actionable, and our clients are entitled to damages,” said Susan Crumiller, the men's attorney.
Smith and Niles are now seeking monetary damages from Pergola.
News 12 has reached out to Pergola numerous times for further comment.