Four police officers honored with Police Valor Award

Two Nassau County police officers along with two Suffolk County police officers were honored with the Police Valor Award.
Deputy Chief James F. Bartscherer and Deputy Inspector Darin Costello received the award for coming back to full duty after recovering from serious personal challenges.
"A lot of life is having a positive attitude," says Bartscherer. "Over the course of my career I've seen the department and its members overcome obstacles. It just inspires you and it puts you in the right mindset that whatever we have to get done, we're gonna get it done. Whatever you have to do in your personal life, we're gonna do it for a positive attitude."
Suffolk Police Officer Dennis Hendrickson, who joined the SCPD in 2006, was recognized as the 2020 recipient of the award, earning the honor for his determined recovery from injuries sustained when he was struck by a drunk driver in March 2015.
Det. Sgt. James Cerone, a member of the SCPD since 2000, was presented with the 2021 award for his courageous battle against multiple occurrences of cancer.
The award recognizes officers who have overcome a disability, physical challenge or serious illness and have an outstanding record of police work.
This the 27th year of the Police Valor Award.