2 students take the witness stand in trial of fatal stabbing of classmate

Two more student witnesses took the stand Tuesday to testify about the fatal altercation at the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation.
Abel Cedeno walked arm in arm Tuesday with the family members who have been at his side since the start of the proceedings. Tuesday marked the sixth day of testimony in the high-profile manslaughter trial that centers on the issue of school bullying.
Cedeno is charged with manslaughter, assault and criminal possession of a weapon in the fatal school stabbing of 15-year-old Matthew McCree in September 2017.
The two former students testified that they saw Cedeno pull a knife out of his pocket. The media was not allowed to film them.
They told the court that students yelled out "he has a knife" as McCree continued to approach Cedeno, who was standing in the doorway of the classroom.
Last week, a teacher was shown a nine-second cellphone video of the deadly altercation, and testified that McCree threw the first punch.
But McCree's friend, Ariane Laboy, testified that very few students in the class knew Cedeno, and that he became irate when a paper ball was thrown in his direction. Laboy was also stabbed that day but survived.
Cedeno's defense team claims he was the target of emotional and physical abuse by bullies because of his sexuality and says he was protecting himself when he stabbed McCree.
Cedeno has said very little publicly about what happened inside that classroom. He will be telling his side of the story to a judge when he takes the stand in his own defense Thursday.