2021 elections: Profiling the candidates for Putnam County sheriff's office

Putnam County voters will determine this coming Election Day whether the sheriff's office will be led once again by incumbent Democrat Robert Langley or Republican challenger Kevin McConville.
“I’ve patrolled this county -- every street of this county. I know Putnam County, I know the sheriff's office,” says Langley, who is wrapping up his first term and looking for a second one.
“My background and my understanding of law enforcement management makes me the perfect candidate. Putnam County needs that right now,” McConville says.
After spending three decades with the MTA Police, McConville says he would like to get the sheriff’s department accredited and restore relationships.
“There’s a disconnect between the sheriff and the Legislature, as well as the local governments. There’s no communication, there’s no addressing issues, and I will remedy that,” McConville says.
Langley would like to finish the department's accreditation process, focus on mental health and continue what he says he’s accomplished during his first four years at the helm.
“My leadership as sheriff is proven since we’ve reduced crime in this county by 50%, we’ve reduced opioid deaths by 50%. Domestic violence is down 74%,” Langley says.
Langley is facing harsh criticism for releasing a recorded phone call he had with a town supervisor. He says it was for a Freedom of Information Act request.
“There’s nothing nefarious here. There’s no basis to it. It’s just a normal operating procedure,” Langley says.
McConville is critical because the conversation happened on a county phone and was political.
“That was done for nothing more than political gain,” McConville.
Ultimately, voters will decide who will be the county’s highest law enforcement officer.
Putnam County residents can begin to cast their ballots during early voting this weekend or on Election Day, Nov. 2.
Residents can find out when and where to vote by heading to the county's Board of Elections website.