2022 marks 100 years for family-owned Gilbertie's Herb Gardens in Westport

This year marks a major milestone for a family-owned business in Westport, a milestone not many places reach - 100 years.
Antonio Gilbertie began Gilbertie's Herb Gardens as a cut flower farm, then added potted plants.
After his death, his son Salvatore Gilbertie took over until his death in 1959.
"My dad unfortunately passed away young. I was 21, but my uncles were in business with him - and they helped me out to grow the business," said Sal Gilbertie.
Sal Gilbertie decided to branch out into the herb business, which added more customers. He bought a 36-acre farm in Easton.
"And then we got into the microgreens business and the microgreens business has really helped us out. So, we just kept diversifying and staying alive because of the good lord," said Sal Gilbertie.
Daughter-in-law Carrie Gilbertie is the general manager of the garden center.
"We're proud to nurture the organic gardener. And what we're all about is, you know, taking care of our Earth and Mother Nature," said Carrie Gilbertie.
She says even with Gilbertie's growth, the business has always stuck to its roots.
"There's a lot of history here still," said Carrie Gilbertie.
That history includes a nearly 100-year-old lemon tree. Antonio Gilbertie planted it from a cutting he brought over from Italy. Like the business, it has survived year after year and has become a staple in the family business.
Sal Gilbertie says getting to 100 years was never a goal - it just happened.
"We love it. And if you love what you're doing, it works, you know?" he said.
Gilbertie's has a full year of celebrations planned to mark 100 years, including giveaways and gardening and chef demonstrations. There will also be a party with live music. For more information, go to their Facebook and Instagram.