3 domestic turkeys rescued by Humane Long Island ahead of Thanksgiving

The black and white domestic turkeys were surrendered to Humane Long Island by a New York City live slaughter market on Thursday in exchange for a vegan Tofurky roast.

News 12 Staff

Nov 18, 2022, 12:46 PM

Updated 514 days ago


Three domestic turkeys bound for a Thanksgiving table were rescued by Humane Long Island.
John DiLeonardo, of the animal advocacy organization, introduced News 12’s Danielle Campbell to the birds on Friday.
"She had the end of her beak seared off, the end of her toes cut off, and she was kept in horrific conditions with thousands in a filthy shed and never saw the light of day," he said.
Two turkeys were rescued from a slaughterhouse in Queens. The other fell off a truck in the Hamptons that was headed to a slaughterhouse. Her leg was broken and was fixed by a wildlife center in Quogue.
Although these three birds were rescued, millions are slaughtered for Thanksgiving – that’s if they don't die first from the avian flu. According to Humane Long Island, the bird flu outbreak has wiped out millions of turkeys and driven up the cost of Thanksgiving meals.
"Avian flu incubates and mutates at these factory farms where these animals are kept in horrific, filthy, crowded conditions," said DiLeonardo.
Two of the turkeys are going to a farm sanctuary, but one is up for adoption.
DiLeonardo did have some positive turkey talk: the wild turkey population is making a comeback on Long Island.
"We hunted them almost to extinction here in New York state, but the [Department of Environmental Conservation] made reintroduction efforts to bring them back because they are an integral part of our ecosystem,” he said.
DiLeonardo says anyone interested should consider plant-based turkey ideas for the holiday. Humane Long Island will be distributing 500 vegan meals in Huntington at Community Solidarity's Huntington Food Share on Tuesday at 8 p.m. at the intersection of Fairground Avenue & E. 6th Street.

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