300 NYPD officers to be dedicated to counterterrorism

More than 1,700 additional NYPD officers will be patrolling city streets and about 300 of them will be dedicated to counterterrorism.
The remaining 1,400 officers will be distributed among the five boroughs in areas that need more patrols. Of the total number of officers, 1,300 will be new hires and 400 will be reassigned from desk duty.
The city will spend about $170 million to provide the additional officers, which is allocated in the 2016 fiscal budget.
"This is really an affirmation of our commitment as a city, recognizing the priorities and values that all New Yorkers share around public safety," says Vanessa Gibson, of the Committee on Public Safety.
The budget also includes funding to hire 80 new school crossing guards to ensure that children are safe.