300,000-pound boiler arrives at Co-op City power plant

A 300,000-pound boiler shut down streets in the Bronx Monday morning as authorities transported it to Co-op City.
A tugboat was used to get the boiler to the borough.
Riverbay Corporation General Manager Noel Ellison says the boiler will be used for the company's power plant.
Ellison says the new boiler will reduce operation cost and increase reliability at the plant. He says Co-op City residents will not notice a change in their heat or air conditioning units, but the plant now has greater ability to pump out power.
Officials say the new boiler is a part of a $10 million project that took three years to come to fruition.
City officials say the boiler was manufactured in Oklahoma, and was transported down the Mississippi river, through the Gulf and up the East Coast.
The company plans to have the boiler installed in three months, but says it won't be fully operational for another 14 months.