4th annual Mott Haven Film Festival showcases local artists

The Mott Haven Film Festival features local independent filmmakers and runs through Sunday, October 22nd.

Heather Fordham and Sequoia Cumming

Oct 21, 2023, 10:03 PM

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Grab the popcorn! The fourth annual Mott Haven Film Festival is back in the Bronx this weekend at Bronxlandia. 
The festival will feature 23 screenings, including short films, two feature films and a music video. 
All of the screenings are directed by independent filmmakers, the majority of them are from the Bronx. 
Ninoska Carolina is the co-founder and executive director of the festival. She says she is trying to bring independent films into the mainstream.
The festival includes all genres including documentaries, experimental and horror.
Priscilla Alvarez, Carolina's sister, is a filmmaker from the South Bronx. Alvarez is the director of the festival and was an inspiration behind its creation. 
"There is a lot of art here in the Bronx, a lot of filmmakers too…we always think we need to go to Manhattan and make it big there," said Alvarez. 
The purpose of the festival is to showcase the work of local talent in the Bronx, and let people know they do not have to travel far to see the art. 
"It's our fourth year and it's only getting bigger and bigger, it's a great place for local artist to network and make their films too," said Alvarez. 
The Mott haven film festival runs through Sunday at 910 Hunts Point Avenue. Tickets can be purchased here

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