5 of the 14 suspects in the 'Junior Guzman Feliz case appear in court

Five of the 14 suspected killers in the Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz case appeared in court Tuesday for a pretrial conference.
Prosecutors say Junior, 15, died after being slashed in the neck last June by members of the Trinitarios gang outside a bodega in Belmont.
Family members and supporters were in attendance for the conference.
Prosecutors called Detective Francis Orlando to the stand in front of a packed courtroom. Testimony revolved around 'witness A,' who Orlando interviewed regarding Facebook photos early in the investigation. 'Witness A' was not named, but according to Orlando the witness was present at the scene of the stabbing.
Detective Orlando said in court that 'witness A' identified Jose Muniz in photos and called him the "machete guy." Orlando said 'witness A' also identified Antonio Hernandez-Santiago and Manuel Rivera in social media photos.
The defendents' lawyers cross-examined Orlando, challenging him on what 'witness A' actually saw versus what he identified on video.
The pretrial conference is set to continue Thursday. The defense is expected to present evidence and raise questions about video pertaining to the case.