5-year-old boy from New Jersey gets COVID-19 vaccine as mother receives booster shot

As the number of children getting vaccinated against COVID-19 continues to grow, some kids are excited to get the shot. Meet 5-year-old Michael from Lincoln Park.
His mother, Erika, is a nurse at Hackensack University Medical Center.
She says Michael has been anxiously waiting after witnessing how the coronavirus pandemic has affected her.
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"We really want this to end,” says Erika. “We want to go back to normal; we'd like to see the kids at school and doing their activities with a little bit more normalcy than we have now without the masks, but we want to do it safely and we know that the vaccination right now is the best way to do that." 
Erika got her booster shot Monday.
She hopes to encourage other parents to roll up their sleeves alongside their children and get vaccinated together.