A day of remembrance: Happy Land fire that killed 87 people happened on this day in 1990

The horrific Happy Land fire that claimed the lives of 87 people happened on this day in 1990. Loved ones on Friday went to remember the victims on the anniversary of their deaths.
The memorial monument across the street from the former club pays tribute to the lives lost during the tragic fire. Wreaths and flowers lined the benches in the mini park that houses the monument memorializing the innocent people who perished.
It's been 32 years since the club was set on fire by Julio Gonzalez following an argument with his girlfriend, who worked at the establishment. He used gasoline to set the fire near the entrance of the club.
People inside were trapped and almost all died either from trying to find an exit or from the suffocating smoke.
Gonzalez was sentenced to life in prison but died in jail in 2016.
Two brothers went today to pay tribute to their mom, Minerva Ramos Duprey, who passed away in the fire. They say she was a bartender at the club and died trying to help others escape. They said they know she’s watching over them today.