Achievement Unlocked looks to cultivate a learning environment for students to flourish

A New York City educator stated his own school to provide a more efficient education system for children with special needs.
News 12's Jericho Tran visited Achievement Unlocked in Downtown Brooklyn to learn his special approach to engaging the classroom.
Brendan Wolff was diagnosed with autism in sixth grade.
Throughout his life, Wolff spent time at District 75 schools as both a student and teacher.
Parents took notice of his skills in the classroom and asked him to continue teaching their children, prompting the opening of Achievement Unlocked in 2016.
"I technically founded a school, but they more forced me into it," says Wolff.
Wolff created his own method to train staff, called the Elements of the Effective Classroom, including accessibility, clear expectations, data drive, student centered, feedback, independence, community, and a team effort.
The special system cultivates the perfect learning environment for students to flourish.
Achievement Unlocked has 19 students, the goal is to reach their capacity at 25 students, and then branch out to other sites, and start parent and teacher trainings at those locations.