Activists rally to highlight sanitation crisis in Brooklyn

Activists rallied in Brooklyn Thursday to highlight an ongoing sanitation issue: trash and rats.

News 12 Staff

Mar 3, 2022, 10:58 PM

Updated 833 days ago


Activists rallied in Brooklyn Thursday to highlight an ongoing sanitation issue: trash and rats. 
Demonstrators gathered at Borough Hall. This comes as there are talks about slashing the Sanitation Department’s budget. 
Mayor Eric Adams is at the beginning of the city’s budget process. The city’s Department of Sanitation is on the list of teams facing potential cuts, according to council members. 
Demonstrators held trash bags as symbols of what is on the city streets. New Yorkers say they just want clean streets. 
A spokesperson for the city’s Sanitation Department reiterated that there are no cuts just yet and that they remain committed to keeping city streets clean. They added that the city is in the very beginning of the budget process and that the final budget won’t be adopted until June.

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