Advocates of kosher, halal options in NYC schools worry for pilot program

Advocates of halal and kosher options on school lunch menus say it has been implemented improperly, and they are hoping for a more permanent solution.
Council members Chaim Deutsch and Rafael Espinal put $1 million into a pilot program that would provide kosher and halal meals to some New York City schools.
However, it got a late start in April just weeks before Ramadan when Muslim students fast. Children under the age of 9 do not fast, but they still need a halal meal. As the funding runs low, advocates say they are worried.
Elected officials are asking the mayor to extend the program for public and private students.
The city Department of Education released a statement about the program:
"We're committed to meeting the needs of our school communities, and we're excited this pilot is underway in 10 schools for any student who requests a kosher or halal meal. Every student has access to free, nutritious breakfast and lunch including vegetarian options, and we will evaluate this pilot."