Andre Agassi tours new permanent home for Grand Concourse Academy Charter School

After more than a year of construction, the Grand Concourse Academy Charter School has a new home.
Grand Concourse Academy Charter School was founded back in 2004. Now, it has a permanent home on Bolton Avenue.
Eight-time grand slam champion Andre Agassi toured the school Thursday. It was all made possible through an investment of the Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund.
Agassi got to see the finished product for the first time. He says he started to build charter schools in his hometown of Las Vegas about 20 years ago.
"For me it was just really unconscionable to see the result of, you know, your zip code being the determining factor in the quality of your education," said Agassi.
Executive Director Ira Victor says there are about 600 students, K through eighth grade. He says he hopes to eventually serve about 800 kids.
The three-story and 50,000-square-foot school has more than 30 classrooms. Special attention was given to each room, like the effort to create natural light and specific colors chosen for the hallways.