Fallen tree in East New York street removed

Residents say they are shocked and frustrated

News 12 Staff

Aug 28, 2021, 2:21 PM

Updated 966 days ago


A tree that collapsed on an East New York street, falling on a car and leaving many unable to drive in the area was removed Saturday.
Assemblymember Charles Barron visited the site early Saturday, saying that it’s unacceptable that the tree was still there.
“Oh my God, this is ridiculous,” Barron says. “You know, this needs to be moved.”
Now, residents say they are relieved that the tree, which was acting as a roadblock, was removed. 
Residents say the Parks Department originally said they couldn't start the process until Monday.
Deputy District Manager Keron Alleyne was talking with residents when crews began to remove the tree.
The trees were just evaluated one month before the incident and were deemed in good condition. 
Brooklyn Parks Commissioner Martin Maher says while the tree was in good condition, weather can change that.
Ahead of future storms, residents on Barbey Street say they wish for their trees to be pruned to prevent this from happening again.

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