Assemblywoman Reyes breaks out her scrubs to join battle against COVID-19

A Bronx politician is joining the more than 52,000 healthcare workers answering the call to offer their skills and services during the coronavirus pandemic.
Assemblywoman Karines Reyes was elected to office in 2018. She transitioned from full-time nurse to a pier-diem nurse, which means she's still active but only works if needed.
"It's funny because everybody always ask me if I was a nurse before and I always say I never stopped being a nurse," says Reyes.
Reyes returned to her old stomping grounds at Einstein Hospital to help out just this past weekend.
"It's very second nature," says Reyes. "Even when you haven't been there for a while, everything just kind of comes back like muscle memory and I love it and I feel like there is a purpose when I'm there."
Reyes has offered her skills before when she traveled to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and again to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.
"Nursing has always been my passion," says Reyes. "I feel very complete when I'm performing my duties as a nurse."
Reyes says what's happening in the hospitals now is unlike any disaster relief she has volunteered for.
"The only way that I can help them directly is by putting on my scrubs and showing up," says Reyes.