Athlete running 13th half marathon to support his nonprofit Honor Humanity

The former basketball player-turned-runner will be lacing up for a big race on March 17.

News 12 Staff and Julia Joseph

Mar 8, 2024, 1:27 PM

Updated 126 days ago


Thirteen is a meaningful number for Jason Wallace.
"It has always been a lucky number for me... It was also my number in basketball."
Not to mention, a half marathon is also 13 miles.
The former basketball player, turned runner, will be lacing up for a big race on March 17. This year’s United Airlines NYC Half Marathon will be the athlete's 13th half marathon and 13th race with the New York Road Runners.
But it is not all about the 'lucky' number 13 for Wallace. He's running to support his nonprofit - Honor Humanity. He and his partner Tiffany work to help people in underserved communities across the country and he says this race is for them.
"We're trying to change the perspective of the kids and we're trying to show them like, you can do more than you think you can. Right? The opportunities and the people you connect with are endless."
Wallace says often times smaller nonprofits like his get overlooked, but he is running this journey to help those who need the extra boost.

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