Attack on 13-year-old boy at Walt Whitman Shops deemed a hate crime

Suffolk police are investigating an attack on a 13-year-old boy at the Walt Whitman Shops as a hate crime.
Chaz Bedi, of Syosset, wears a turban as a member of the Sikh religion. Bedi says he was singled out by a group of older teens because of his appearance.
"You shouldn't be targeted for anything that is different about you," says Bedi. "Nobody should be targeted for any reason at all."
Bedi says he was punched in the face while the attackers said racial slurs and called him Mohammed.
Bedi's father Satbir says he's heartbroken over the racist attack and disappointed that his son is dealing with the same type of racism he faced.
Bedi wasn't seriously hurt but says he is also bullied at school.
"If the victims of these hate crimes don't report it, it's helping the hate grow," says Bedi.
Anyone with information about the incident can call Suffolk Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS.