Back to School: Zeta Charter School welcomes back students for first day

The school now offers kindergarten to sixth grade with the new addition of a sixth-grade program.

Asha McKenzie and

News 12 Staff

Aug 21, 2023, 9:34 PM

Updated 278 days ago


Students at Zeta South Bronx Charter School kicked off their first day of school on Monday. 
School leaders are not only celebrating the start of another academic year but the official launch of their sixth-grade curriculum. The school now offers kindergarten through sixth grade. 
"We are going to excel in academics, we are going to excel in SEL and we are going to excel in everything we put our minds to this year. we are achieving all the goals," says Zeta South Bronx Principal Amenata Magiraga.
Students like Zakhai Barnwell-Hines who is entering into fourth grade has been at Zeta since first grade and is excited to be back.
"I'm kind of happy too because I get to meet all of my old friends, " says Barnwell-Hines.
"Making new friends and doing crafts" is what student Haylee Rios says she is looking forward to the first day.
School leaders say they want the students to be excited about learning and that their safety is top priority.

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