Bay Ridge designer uses sewing skills to create masks for those on the frontlines

A Bay Ridge bridal accessory designer is using her sewing skills to help create masks to help those on the frontlines in the battle against the coronavirus.
Alyson Melhus is making masks in all shapes, colors and sizes by using material she had on hand from her business. She learned how to create the silhoutte for the N95 mask, complete with a filter pocket.
"I have the skill not a lot of people do and I should probably use it to benefit other people," says Melhus.
Melhus made a Facebook page so others can learn, donate and pay it forward. She even made her own tutorial.
 "I only had so much supplies and it was just an overwhelming response," says Melhus.
The masks will go to the men, women and children on the frontlines. Donations have already been made to multiple hospitals and even to the NYPD.