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Belmont street co-named in honor of family-owned store that's served Little Italy for over 100 years

The Teitel Brothers have had the store open on East 186 Street and Arthur Avenue for 106 years

News 12 Staff

May 26, 2021, 5:36 PM

Updated 1,146 days ago


A family-owned business that has served the Belmont Little Italy community for more than 100 years was celebrated Wednesday as a street was co-named in the family's honor.
It was a family affair for the Teitel Brothers legacy outside their grocery store.
"I feel like this is once-in-a-lifetime honor, and I'm very proud and very thankful that we were chosen and I'm sure my parents would be very happy," Gilbert Teitel said.
It's a story of passion and hard work for the family whose history dates back to 1912 when two Jewish-Austrian brothers immigrated here.
"This is a remembrance of what it was like for us and my father and my uncle and my brothers. What they went through," Teitel said.
From now on, Teitel and his sons Jean, Eddie and Michael will walk out their store and see their family name on a street sign at the corner street of East 186th and Arthur Avenue that is now co-named as Teitel Brothers Lane.
The Teitel Brothers have had the store open on East 186 Street and Arthur Avenue for 106 years. They have welcomed hundreds of customers and now they hope to continue their legacy.
"Teitel Brothers is synonymous with customer service and although some of us may be very rough around the edges, they know that we're not going to hurt them," Jean Teitel said.
The store is stocked up with dozens of Italian products but most importantly filled with hundreds of memories.
With culture and family values at the forefront, Gilbert Teitel hopes his grandchildren will continue to spread the family's story of dedication, love and commitment to their last name.

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