Bernice Jacobson Day School and Camp in Brookville forced to close on court decision

The Bernice Jacobson Day School and Camp in Brookville is being forced to close after 14 years in operation.
The day camp is owned by Sid Jacobson Community Center, who has been in a legal battle with the village for years.
Originally, the Jacobson Community Center applied for a building permit to expand their facilities, including to widen the camp's narrow driveway. That request was denied.
"The decision was not made on the basis of the merits about or desired upgrade, it was made on the basis of the fact that the village doesn't believe we belong here," says executive director of the Jacobson Community Center David Black.
Neighbors have complained about noise and traffic, and according to court documents, the Brookville Zoning Board says that the Jacobson Community Center does not qualify as either a religious or educational use to be entitled to deferential zoning treatment.
The court documents say in part, "the camp is operated under a children's camp permit issued by the Nassau County Department of Health, and the activities offered are predominantly athletic and recreational in nature..."
Parents like Mollie Stein, of Roslyn Heights, are frustrated over the camp possibly closing down. She has been sending her 8-year-old twins there since they were babies.
"It's the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard," Stein says.
Stein says she is already looking at different camps to make sure her kids have a place to go.
The Jacobson Community Center appealed the court's decision and hopes to be able to operate next summer.
News 12 reached out to the village of Brookville, but have not heard back as of 9:30 p.m.